Tuesday, 8 March 2011


There is a high risk of women walking at night, looking at these problems they are happening at the locations and they mostly affect teenagers. The question is why women are being abused? Is it because they don’t have power to fight back?


In my community the is a high risk of rape and physical abuse on women mostly on young girls. There are so many parties where you get to see young girls and boys walking on streets carrying six packs of beer and other alcohol. They drink a lot and when they drunk, more especially girls, the boys take the advantage of them. This is where the part of women abuse takes place and the situations like this they lead to teenage pregnancy.

Reasons why abuse happens

1. Abuse of alcohol by young people
2. Abusers do it because they can
3. Boys and men take advantage because women can’t fight for themselves
4. The women put themselves at risk because they hope to get financial from the men

1 Alcohol abuse

My community usually says alcohol and drugs are the causes of women abuse.

2. Men do it because they can

I am saying other people abuse women just to hurt their feelings. These days not only old man do bad things to women; even younger boys are also involved in abusing women, which is a very bad influence for the future of the communities.

Other men say they can’t control their feelings. This simply shows that they are very ignorant; they don’t care about other peoples feelings which is not a right a thing.We all have rights and our job is to take responsibility of them.

3. Women can’t fight back?

Do men think they are more powerful than women? I think they do, because usually women are the ones who are facing abuse problems. Men take advantage of women because they know that they are not powerful enough to fight for themselves and this is why they treat them like slaves.

4. Women at risk

Women put themselves at risk because they hope to get financial help from men. Poverty also leads to abuse because other women they allow man to make them slaves ,when they are abused they don’t report they think they are being loved. It is not a good think to allow a person to abuse you because you are in need.
In conclusion, all I can say is that we all have rights, and we must not let anyone abuse them.